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I have been a musician most of my life and have played professionally for over half of it. I have played giant corporate stages, tiny coffee shops, and every stage in between. I have always found one prevalent truth: things are soooo much better when the audio visual (AV) tech team is friendly.

Techs can be jerks. They seem resistant when you want something simple done (I am looking at you, guy who rolled his eyes when I asked for reverb on my vocals). Maybe they are just completely burnt out. For whatever reason, many techs act as though they are not there willingly and any additional requests are treated as unreasonable. It adds a layer of uncomfortableness to a work environment that is disruptive and, honestly, unnecessary. It prevents both you and AV technology from doing your best work.

My background, besides being a musician, is in the food/service/hospitality industry. As most clichés go, while starting my professional music career, I was a starving artist. I found that restaurants were the best way for me to work around my performance schedule and make great money. It was in this job that I learned the importance of hospitality. I saw that kind words and actions had the capability of turning a patron’s bad day into a great one. This realization completely changed my outlook on the world, and in particular, my own behavior.

What does any of this have to do with AV? My background helped shaped the idea that working with anyone can be (and should be) a pleasant experience, including AV! The same core principles that work in the hospitality industry can work in just about any other industry, with a similar result. You are hiring AV technology to create a memorable experience. Shouldn’t your own experience with the AV industry be memorable? That is why ProductAV is changing the AV industry.

That brings us to “Hospitality AV”. I think at this point you have pieced together what that means, but let’s talk about how we achieve it. How do we force people to be nice? It is a fair question, and in complete transparency, there is no way for us to guarantee demeanor. Instead, what we have done is: create a corporate culture where our techs feel validated and appreciated, pay our people fairly, and listen to our techs to find ways to improve how our company operates.

Happy techs create techs who love what they do. If a technician loves what he or she does, it is reflected in the quality of their work. Enthusiasm is infectious. We want you to be excited about your AV technology and how it creates the event you have envisioned, and our goal is for our professional attitude to help you get there, feeling taken care of every step of the way. Each project is approached with a willingness to adapt to, accommodate, and educate our clients. We will reach your ideal solution together.

Our company culture is simple: we respect the talent, dedication, and skills of our technicians and make sure they know it. In turn, our technicians will reflect the same on our clients. The amount of knowledge someone needs to do what we require is staggering. We help our people

grow in their knowledge base and skill set so our clients have a broader horizon of possible AV solutions. We constantly reinforce how appreciative we are of everything our techs bring to the table, which inspires the confidence to learn and adapt to every situation. You can only benefit from such a positive and encouraging environment.

This one isn’t exactly rocket surgery, but paying our people fairly is one of our top priorities. It’s a real bummer that some companies add upwards of a 60% margin on top of their employee pay in order to make profit off of their people. While we all want to make money, we prefer to put our technicians first. Fair pay attracts skilled and experienced technicians with effective solutions. We want to give you more than the average technician. This is how we work: we go ABOVE AND BEYOND the expectations of our clients because we take care of our people on the back end too. It’s not just about front of the house optics for us.

At ProductAV, we consider ourselves Hospitality AV. If you have never experienced something like this before, you should consider us for your next event so you can see the difference. Let us show you why we are leading the industry one extra mile at a time!

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