About ProductAV

How it Started

Philip Jongejan &
Jordan Roedding

Philip Jongejan began his career in the event industry in 1998. Working out of his garage, Philip excelled at building incredible client relationships and, even as a small company, catching the eye of some of the larger event companies in town. As a one-man show, he was able to build his company, North End Sound, to a formidable name in the Denver event scene.

Jordan Roedding moved to Denver from Honolulu in 2010. Having spent over half of his life on the entertainment side of the event industry, Jordan quickly became connected in the Denver scene and began working for one of the largest and most respected DMC’s in Colorado. During this time, Jordan was introduced to Philip and the two immediately hit it off. The son of two entrepreneurs, Jordan decided to purchase a small DJ production company in the summer of 2018. Within weeks of Jordan purchasing the small DJ production company, the two began to discuss combining forces, with the merger officially taking place on January 1st of 2019, launching ProductAV.

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